Don’t let your financial goals ‘fall’ this season

Dust off those financial resolutions because it’s time to get back on track! Just because we’re in April (how did that happen?), doesn’t mean all hope is gone.

Here’s your seasonal reminder that sometimes finances can tend to slip down the priorities list and in turn so does your home ownership goals. We’re here to make sure that you bump them back up that list again.

Start with your spending and saving

Have you just realised that you haven’t added to your home loan deposit savings account since January? Have you also realised that you’ve been getting a little ‘spendy’ and suddenly find you’re heading out for dinners and buying those luxury items you told yourself you’d stop buying in the new year?

Why don’t you bust out that financial plan you worked so hard on at the beginning of the year and see where you’re at. If you don’t have one, there’s never a better time than now to create one.

The next pay you receive, put the lump sum away into savings, making sure you have plenty for your direct debits and any payments. What’s left is your spending money – just use it wisely!

Chat to your local Financial Adviser

You may not know of all the subsidies and grants that are available when purchasing your first home or investment property – but your local FinChoice broker does. Have a chat with your local broker to discuss your financial options to get an idea on what your next steps are in helping you reach your goals in terms of owning a home.

Get on track with your short and long term goals

It’s also a good time to relook at your short and long term goals to see whether they’re still relevant and important to you and your life.

Your short term goals may be:

If there are some short term goals that can be shifted around a little, it could make a major difference to your savings for your long term goal of owning a home.

Re-visiting your goals can give you a clear vision of where you hope to be in short and long term as well as whether you’re still on your way to achieving these.

Seek professional financial advice

If you need a helping hand with getting your financial situation on track, whether it be short or long term, small or large financial goals – it’s worth having a chat to your local FinChoice Financial Adviser who can recommend strategies to best suit your unique situation.

Sometimes life gets in the way and some important priorities, like your finances, can tend to drop off the radar. The longer you let them slide, the longer it may take to reach your home ownership goals.

It’s time to take control and FinChoice Financial Advisers are here to help.