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Your super fund plays an important role in building financial security. It’s money that will support you in retirement, and while you cannot normally access your super while you’re in the workforce, there is still plenty you can do to grow your nest egg for the future.

What are my options with my Super?

Super funds can either be professionally managed or you can choose to run your own self-managed super fund (SMSF).

For most people it’s simply easier to invest their super in a professionally managed fund. Choose from an industry fund, which typically focuses on a particular sector such as hospitality or construction; or select a retail fund, run by one of the large financial institutions.

A good place to start is to ensure the super fund you use suits your needs. Decisions on how your money is invested in super, as well as when and how much to contribute above any employer contributions, are all important.

Why is super so important?

Superannuation consolidation

Chances are, like many Australians you could have more than one super fund. The thing is, most of us stick to one personal savings account to save on fees and keep better track of our spare cash. Yet, doubling up on super funds means wasting money on unnecessary fees and insurance premiums – money that is yours for the future.

That makes it worth giving your superannuation savings as much attention as your day to day savings account.

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