Financial adviser franchise opportunities

Live local, work local. Own your own FinChoice financial planning franchise or join our local team of expert advisers.

At FinChoice, we believe that all Australians should have access to financial services and advice from experts they can trust – experts who give the right financial planning advice for our customers in a simple and transparent way.

Our existing franchise network of financial advisers and mortgage brokers share our passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences and they do so by living our three service standards: care, solve and amaze.

If you believe in putting the customer first and enjoy helping people make better choices for a better life, you could be just the person we are looking for.

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FAQs about FinChoice financial planning

FinChoice takes a fresh approach backed by experience.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. That’s why our approach is based on common sense principles pitched at success - for you and for our customers.

Our Australian Financial Services Licence authorises us to provide financial advice and deal in financial products. We provide
an extensive range of financial planning services which include:

  • Personal Insurance advice
  • Investment planning advice
  • Superannuation and
  • Rollover advice
  • Wealth Creation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Portfolio Review services

The Financial Planning model operates as a separate franchise system sitting alongside our existing mortgage broker franchise system. This reflects our firm belief that advisers and brokers should remain experts in their field rather than trying to wear "two hats". It ensures our customers are provided with specialist advice, whatever their need, while experiencing the convenience of dealing with the same trusted brand.

You may choose to either start out as a salaried adviser working with an existing franchise and stepping up to become an equity partner over time, or establish a joint venture with a Mortgage Choice broker from the outset. Or, you could choose to purchase your own franchise from the start. Our team can talk to you about the option that may best suit your needs.

For many Australians, organising a home loan provides a critical first entry point to any kind of financial advice. By partnering with our established mortgage broking franchises, you have the opportunity to access Mortgage Choice customers and build rewarding, lasting relationships at a point in their lives when you can make a great difference.

By leveraging the strong lead flow provided by the mortgage broking franchises, you can spend less time chasing new business and more time focusing on your customers and growing the financial planning business.

Mortgage Choice has over 25 years’ experience in developing successful small businesses. Our franchising model, combined with the training and development and compliance expertise we provide, has underpinned this.

In fact, the support we give our franchisees to build a better business is one of our core strengths. We have transferred the strengths and experience gained to FinChoice, giving our new advisers every possible opportunity to grow a successful business of their own.

FinChoice provides Industry leading support, training, systems, technology and compliance framework.

We have employed and partnered with industry experts who are highly experienced at the practice level, and have the knowledge and ‘hands-on’ skills to develop and implement best practice solutions across all elements of the business.

We have also partnered with industry leading suppliers who have built leading edge adviser tools. Each of our advisers receives a ‘play book’ for success when they start with us, covering processes, tools, scripts and software, along with ongoing training to ensure effective implementation and a consistently outstanding customer experience leading to efficient, profitable practices.

We provide outstanding marketing support and communications. FinChoice advisers enjoy the advantage of dedicated support from experienced marketing professionals in the financial services industry, and receive access to:

  • Group Office generated leads
  • Local area marketing plans, advice and templates
  • Marketing collateral
  • Personalised site within FinChoice website
  • National and local media coverage

FinChoice takes pride in our collaborative approach. We value our franchisees and recognise that their success is our success. That’s why we ensure that the tools and support we offer our advisers will help them build better businesses, and create superior experiences for their customers.

Hear from our advisers

"I believe the services and support provided by the Licensee represents great value that the cheaper models could not provide."

Deepak Bansal - Financial Adviser

"The professional community is good. If I want to bounce something off another adviser, I just pick up the phone. You have a network you can talk to, so you’re in your own small business but not alone."

Callie Scheffer - Financial Adviser

"One of the biggest struggles can be generating leads, but we don't have that problem. Constant leads are the major point of difference at FinChoice. You can start a financial advice business from scratch, even if you don't have a client base and grow it very quickly."

David Taylor - Financial Adviser

"I was one of the first advisers to come on board with FinChoice and since day one of induction, the ongoing support has been amazing. There is a real focus on helping advisers grow their referral partnerships and build their businesses."

Tim Hayman - Financial Adviser

"I believe that in order to grow as an Adviser in a FOFA world you need significant new client facing opportunity. Partnering with FinChoice gave me exactly that, at a volume I never could have imagined"

Lachlan Semmens - Financial Adviser

"I made the move to become a franchise-based adviser at FinChoice because I wanted to achieve my long term career goals and build something I could be proud of. Our clients are at the heart of everything that we do and every decision we make"

Carolyn Spampinato - Financial Adviser