Financial adviser licencing and commission

Business growth doesn’t happen by accident. Our formula for success is simple: A trusted national brand, a rich source of leads, and extensive support to give you real opportunities for growth.

A sustainable licence model

FinChoice is different. We have always operated as a fee for service advice model, combined with a hybrid risk commission structure. As a compelling alternative to big institutions, we are readily able to adapt to changing regulatory and education standards.
Without legacy issues to deal with, we have built a sustainable business model that is not reliant on grandfathered revenue or cross-subsidisation from volume bonuses or product manufacturing.

A franchise business model built on community and support

Our professional culture focuses on the needs of business owners, with a network committed to sharing best practice. Our induction and onboarding programs are comprehensive and practical, and we back these up with regular operational training and ongoing support programs designed to help your business get to the next stage of growth faster.

FinChoice takes compliance very seriously, with a demonstrated proactive approach to compliance, as well as monitoring and supervision support, which underpins further the strength of our brand.

A proven customer proposition

We believe in providing quality advice that helps our customers make better choices for a better life. We keep things simple with our unique and transparent price list that lets our customers see how much each service costs and understand exactly what their money is buying.

A collaborative approach to creating successful businesses

The success of our clients isn’t our only priority, and our franchise system has always been built on the basis of shared success.

Our collaborative approach shines through in the proven tools and extensive support we offer, which help advisers to create superior experiences for our clients and our franchisees to build healthy, sustainable businesses.

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Hear from our advisers

"I believe the services and support provided by the Licensee represents great value that the cheaper models could not provide."

Deepak Bansal - Financial Adviser

"The professional community is good. If I want to bounce something off another adviser, I just pick up the phone. You have a network you can talk to, so you’re in your own small business but not alone."

Callie Scheffer - Financial Adviser

"One of the biggest struggles can be generating leads, but we don't have that problem. Constant leads are the major point of difference at FinChoice. You can start a financial advice business from scratch, even if you don't have a client base and grow it very quickly."

David Taylor - Financial Adviser

"I was one of the first advisers to come on board with FinChoice and since day one of induction, the ongoing support has been amazing. There is a real focus on helping advisers grow their referral partnerships and build their businesses."

Tim Hayman - Financial Adviser

"I believe that in order to grow as an Adviser in a FOFA world you need significant new client facing opportunity. Partnering with FinChoice gave me exactly that, at a volume I never could have imagined"

Lachlan Semmens - Financial Adviser

"I made the move to become a franchise-based adviser at FinChoice because I wanted to achieve my long term career goals and build something I could be proud of. Our clients are at the heart of everything that we do and every decision we make"

Carolyn Spampinato - Financial Adviser