Your Financial Planning Career

When you start a franchise with FinChoice, you will be given all the support and guidance you need to create a thriving business.

Below is a short summary of what you can expect your induction and training to look like in the early stages of your new career.

Your journey

Industry-leading induction course

Your journey with FinChoice starts with our induction course to help you establish and run your own business under the FinChoice brand.

Once appointed, this is supplemented with Quality Advice coaching followed by Statement of Advice (SoA) coaching on each advice area. Our Quality Advice team will review your SoAs as part of our quality assurance check, and offer mentoring to help you deliver the high-quality documents needed to help you with achieving your customers’ goals.

Accelerate partnership program

Our Accelerate Partnership Program offers outstanding value. Professional and highly effective, Accelerate focuses on coaching, development and support over your first two years because we believe that you’re building a business of your own but you’re not on your own. Your Sales & Credit Coach, an established FinChoice trainer, will be there to guide and support you with loan structuring and applications as well as deliver assistance with our in-house software right across your first two years. Our live online interactive training modules provide a convenient and engaging virtual classroom, so you won’t even have to leave the office while growing your skills

Dedicated field support

Our Practice Development Management team are an outstanding asset for your business, dedicated to helping you define and achieve your strategic goals to build and grow your business.

The team will hold regular discussions and business reviews, with a strong focus on getting practical, to help you continually refine your business plans and achieve or exceed your personal performance benchmarks.

Hear from our advisers

Hear from one of our leading financial advisers, Fairien Azeem about how she thrives on helping her customers make better choices for a better life.

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