Protecting you, our customers

As a leading financial services provider, it's our responsibility to make sure what we do is in your best interests. We are dedicated to empowering you by educating you about, and guiding you through, how to make better choices with your finances to help you live a better life.

So that we can be completely transparent in our dealings, we've developed a number of documents, agreements and processes for our customers.

Disclosure details

This ensures our advisers offer a suitable solution for your needs. FinChoice has a policy that discourages the payment of excessive non-financial incentives or alternate forms of remuneration.

Financial Planning Financial Services Guide (PDF)

This Financial Services Guide is designed to help you get to know FinChoice Pty Limited a little better and will help you decide whether you would like to take advantage of any of our financial services, and explain how much you can expect to pay for those services.