Disclosure details

To ensure that our financial advisers offer you the solution that suits your needs, FinChoice has a policy that discourages the payment of excessive non-financial incentives or alternate forms of remuneration.

FinChoice consultants, management and directors are required by FinChoice to comply with the following policy:

1. Any form of alternative remuneration over $100 in value1, per transaction or item must be disclosed to FinChoice. This provision applies to value passing from a third party to the franchise owner, his or her spouse, family members or staff.

2. Alternative forms of remuneration less than $100 in value1 for any single item do not require disclosure to FinChoice.

3. Items as referred to in 1 above, as disclosed to FinChoice by the FinChoice consultant or staff member, are recorded below and are available for inspection by members of the public. Members of the lender panel and other third parties are also requested to advise of such payments.

Examples of alternative forms of remuneration covered by this policy are entertainment, conferences, sports event tickets, travel, accommodation, computer hardware, marketing assistance, office rental subsidies, business software tools, gifts, etc.