How is your relationship with money?

I am excited by finance.  I want people to live the best life they can.  This means keeping mind, body and money in a healthy state.  

It is not enough, just to give you advice on the latest investment strategies.  I need to know you, to personally advise you.  More importantly, you need to know yourself.  What is your relationship with money?  Does it scare you?  Do you crave it?

Enjoy a light-hearted podcast from the ABC, that explores your relationship with money.

If you are still unsure of your attitude to money, take the Suncorp Money Profile Quiz, and see if this makes more sense.

Money Profile

Now that you have some idea about what makes you"financially" tick.  Lets get started with getting you financially fit.  Contact me on 0419017045 or and lets start talking what you want, where you want to be, and when.  Let's make this fun, let's make this relevant, and, most importantly, let's make this all about you.

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