What you can expect to pay for financial planning services

Financial Planning is about setting goals and creating a plan to help you get there.  It makes sense for everyone to have a financial plan.  We provide expert advice to put the right plan in place for you and keep you on track to achieve your goals.  We believe in the benefits of financial planning so much that we cover the cost of your first appointment.  The first appointment will cost you nothing, but your time, and there is no obligation to enter any agreements or go beyond this first appointment, if you don't want to.

After the first appointment, if you would like to proceed with our advice, we will quote a "fee for service" for the cost of the financial planning required.  This needs to be agreed to by you, upfront, prior to any further work commencing, so you are always aware of the cost of the service.  No hidden fees and no surprises.  You get exactly what you are paying for.

Our financial planning fees are based on complexity and time, they are not based on the amount of funds being invested.  You will not pay more just because you may have more to invest.  You will not be charged a percentage-based "adviser fee" for initial or ongoing advice.

Summary of fees for financial advice

The cost of our services for transaction assistance, without personal advice is $330 per hour.

The usual cost of a written financial plan is between $1,650 and $6,600.   This cost covers the interviews, research, strategy development, Statement of Advice preparation and the implementation of recommendations.  The actual fee will depend on the complexity of the advice provided and will be agreed with you prior to commencement.

Where insurance products generate an initial commission, this commission will be calculated as part of the financial planning fees quoted.  If received, the commission will form part of the payment of advice, so you are not paying any more than you agreed to.

We offer four ongoing advice service packages to our clients.   The annual cost of these ongoing advice packages range from $1,650pa to $5,460pa.  The actual cost depends on time and complexity.  There are no percentage-based fees for our financial planning ongoing service charges.

If you prefer not to obtain an ongoing service package, you can retain our services at $330 per hour, with additional advice requiring Statements of Advice, to be quoted, as per initial advice.

For further information about our financial planning services and fees and charges, please refer to my Financial Services Guide.


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