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Hello, my name is Michelle Liddle. I’ve achieved financial independence for my family by working hard and making my money ‘work even harder’. I want to share with you my financial planning strategies so you can build your wealth. As your Financial Advisor, I will help you understand all your investment options, and then work closely with you to implement the financial plan that best achieves your short and long - term goals.

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A passion for helping people achieve their lifestyle goals

I began working in the Melbourne financial services industry in 2001.

My family were Mortgage Brokers, so I grew up hearing and seeing stories of clients that needed advice which went beyond what a broker could provide. Their questions about how to manage their super, which assets to invest in and how to plan for retirement sparked my interest to find the answers to these meaningful questions.  

A financial advisor that practices what she preaches

With a knack for numbers (I’ve got a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Melbourne) and an inquisitive mind, I started investing in property and shares. I learned which investment options delivered the best results and began writing a monthly newsletter called, The Share Factor.

As subscribers to the newsletter grew and grew, I realised it was the coaching and mentoring to my clients that gave me the most joy. I went back to ‘school’, got my financial advisor qualification, and am now an Associate member of the Financial Planning Association.

Together, we will get your money working for you 

A key aspect of what I do for my clients is help them get the right balance between ‘enjoying life now’ verses ‘enjoying the journey of life’.  I believe to get this balance right, you benefit from having a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

My aim is to understand your goals … even the non-financial ones… and then help you achieve them.

My personal mantra is to be Happy, Healthy and Financially Secure.


Why clients choose me as their financial advisor   

  • Personalised Service

I will help you consider the tough questions related to you, your family and your ‘relationship with money’. Next, I take the time to inform you of all the financial planning options available to you. We then analyse and decide on the course of action that is best suited to your personal circumstances and goals. Most importantly, I work with you to implement your financial plan.

  • Product Knowledge

I’ve identified the products that work (and the ones that don’t) through my own financial investments. By achieving financial independence for my family, I can stand by my recommendations and steer you away from the pitfalls.  Additionally, I will ensure you are set up with the best structures for ownership, beneficiaries and tax minimisation.

  • Get the Job Done

My job is to help you create a path to financial freedom. It begins with a plan, but it never ends. Throughout your journey, I will work hard putting your plans into action, so you don’t have to.  

  • Transparency

I have set fees (not percentages) so you know exactly what you’re paying for – no surprises, no complicated fee structures.

Call me on 03 8602 6789. I look forward to speaking with you.

"From the moment I met Michelle I felt comfortable and at ease. I am not very savvy with finances but Michelle made it very easy to understand. I trust her and that goes a long way because she made it about me and my future."

Vee - Financial Planning
Melbourne, VIC

"The time you spent talking to us and working out what was the best option for our future retirement has been outstanding. I'm forever telling friends about how good you've been"

Angie - Financial Planning
Perth, WA

"Michelle, you took the time to explain all of the foreign concepts to us in a way that we could understand. We never felt patronised, nor did we feel uneasy about asking for further clarification. You used language which we could understand and maintained excellent communication throughout the process"

Jasmin - Financial Planning
Coburg, VIC

"From the outset Michelle was very understanding and thorough in her approach. She listened carefully, asked questions without judgement and efficiently put into place a financial plan that was perfect for us. Warm and friendly, she was a pleasure to deal with, as was Ken in finalising the documentation. I would recommend them to anyone wanting sound advice with a smile"

Natasha - Financial Planning
Flemington, VIC

"Having dealt with 2 financial planners previously, I really noticed the difference with Michelle in terms of expertise, knowledge and customer service. My husband and I are really happy with the service provided!"

Chan - Financial Planning
Williamstown, VIC

"The service you provided us was fantastic. You made us feel comfortable and informed, and we loved that you were happy to explore sustainable solutions on our behalf. Thanks so much for helping us get our “house” in order!"

James - Financial Planning
Coburg, VIC

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