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Financial planning

Our expert financial planning advice can help you make better choices with your money so you can afford to do the things in life that are important to you, now and in the future.

What can a financial adviser help me with?

The financial planning advice process


We'll meet with you to really understand your current financial position, as well as help you identify your financial and lifestyle goals. Together we'll determine the areas where you may need our help... and your first meeting is on us!


If you choose to go ahead with the advice, we'll do all the necessary research and develop your personalised financial plan.

Approval to proceed

We'll meet with you to present your plan and discuss our recommendations. You will get a Statement of Advice confirming the recommendations in writing.


Once you are comfortable with your plan, we'll put it into action.

Review and update

Ongoing advice is also available, where we will continue to adjust your strategy to meet any changes in your circumstances. We'll meet with you at least annually to keep you on track to achieving your goals. If ongoing service is appropriate for your situation, we can also discuss your annual report and any changes in your situation to help you stay on track. 

We believe that every Australian should have access to financial advice they can trust and afford. Our transparent and consistent pricing menu allows you to choose only one or more areas of advice that you want addressed so you know exactly what it will cost you ...no hidden fees, no surprises!

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Our clients are at different stages in their lives and who have different needs and priorities. Whether you have a single need or want a full financial plan, we'll help you work out the advice you need now – or help you work towards a goal for the future that requires ongoing support and until it's achieved.


We work with you to make the most of what you have for the life you want to live.

Financial advice isn’t just for the wealthy. We help Australians just like you everyday - whether you’ve just started your career and you’re looking to protect your income or you’re well under way on your financial journey and want to build your wealth. Our team will keep you on track to achieve real results. We can help you with cash flow management, personal insurance, superannuation, investment, retirement or estate planning needs.