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Our financial planning advice can help you make better choices with your money so you can afford to do the things in life that are important to you, now and in the future.

No matter what's happening in our lives, we can all benefit from financial advice. You may need help with budgeting and saving, or growing a portfolio of investments. Financial advice can even help you manage your money through major life changes like getting married, starting a family or living life to the full in retirement.

As your local financial adviser on the Gold Coast, Sue Cavill will develop a plan tailored to your needs with a range of strategies suited to your goals and circumstances. Sue offers a range of ongoing service packages where she'll continue to meet with you for formal and informal reviews to monitor your progress and finetune your plan if necessary.

Find out how a financial plan can benefit you!

Did you know over 85% of Australians say financial stress is impacting their overall wellbeing, and rising living costs is the number one financial concern for the nation’s households!

Whether you have a single need or want a full financial plan, we'll help you work out the advice you need now and we'll be there to help as your goals change in the future.

Call Sue Cavill, Financial Adviser on 07 5518 8615 to discuss your situation today.
Professional Qualifications
  • ADFP Grad Dip Law MBA
  • Certified Financial Strategist

I can help you with
  • Insurance

Risk protection is essential, not optional. You probably have insurance for your home, car and other assets (like your mobile phone). However, in our busy lives, we often overlook personal insurance and this brings the risk that you or your family could struggle financially if the unexpected occurred.

  • Saving

Got a savings target in mind? With the right approach and sensible planning, it's possible to achieve personal goals, from paying for a car or wedding to taking an overseas holiday. With some simple strategies in place, you can take financial control and start ticking off your personal wish-list.

  • Debt Management

Relying on credit to bridge gaps in your cash flow can be the start of a debt spiral. As your local Mortgage Choice financial adviser, located on the Gold Coast, Sue can help you manage your cash to minimise the need to turn to debt to make up shortfalls.

  • Super & retirement

Your superannuation is likely to be one of your most important financial assets, outside of your ability to earn an income or property, and it is designed specifically to provide you with money to live on in retirement, so take control of your super today!

  • Estate Planning

Estate planning plays an important role in wealth management. It not only involves documenting how you want your assets to be distributed after you pass away, but it also addresses how you plan to look after yourself, both medically and financially, should you be in a situation where you are unable to make these decisions for yourself.

  • Investments

When it comes to building financial security, few things are more effective than growing your assets. The idea of ‘investing’ might sound like something only wealthy people do in reality, most people can start building up their assets with the right advice.

The first step of the process is to start by discussing your needs and goals with a financial adviser.

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