Financial advice & tips for your life stage

If you think financial planning is only relevant to retirees, think again. We can all benefit from expert financial advice at every life stage.

1. Making the most of your first job

You're in the workforce! That's very exciting, and you're probably discovering there's a lot to learn as part of your new career. Your income will be your most important asset and, like your other assets (e.g. your car or mobile phone), it needs to be protected to ensure you can maintain your new lifestyle. We'll show you how to manage tax, pay bills, and live with a uni debt.

When you're ready, we can help you achieve important goals like saving for a car or holiday.

2. Learning to live with a budget

Your first pay packet may seem like plenty of money but chances are there are lots of demands on your wallet with new costs like rent and transport. Learning how to draw up and stick to a realistic budget (or as we like to say: your spending plan) is a key step in gaining control of your cash.

Get it right now, and you're on track for lifelong financial security.

3. Saving for a first home

A home of your own? Yes, you can do it! Home ownership brings a wealth of benefits and we can show you smart savings strategies to build a purchase deposit and get off the rental merry-go-round sooner. Along with the freedom to make your property a comfortable home, you'll be investing in a proven long term asset.

Let's get started!

4. Choosing a super fund

Now's the time to choose the super fund that will kick-off the most important investment strategy of your your entire career – investing for your retirement. With hundreds of funds available, it's important to select the fund that's right for you. T

here's plenty to consider from fees through to the investment strategy you'd like to follow to help you achieve your retirement goals– rest assured, we'll guide you through the process of picking the fund most suited to your goals.

What are you waiting for?

1. Sharing your life with someone special

You've found the person you'd like to share your life with – that's fantastic. We can show you how to lay foundations for a fulfilling financial future together and manage some key life events, like paying for a wedding, or just developing sensible strategies to share your financial wellbeing.

2. Building investments

We all have the ability to become successful investors and the earlier you start the easier it is to build a diverse portfolio of quality assets.

We can explain which assets are most suited to your goals and help you achieve the balance of risk versus return that's right for you.

3. Managing debt

Used wisely debt can be a powerful tool in helping us buy the things we want sooner. But it also calls for careful management. Whether you are interested in strategies to reduce personal debt, or you'd like to borrow money for a specific purpose, we can help you make the most of debt while maintaining financial control.

4. Planning for a family

When you're ready for the patter of tiny feet, we're ready with quality advice on how to navigate this important life event.

Becoming a parent is a fantastic milestone, and we can guide you through the process of laying those important financial foundations so that you can give your child the best start in life without compromising your financial security.

1. Giving your kids a great education

Your toddlers have flourished into teens, and this can be the time when the costs of raising children are especially challenging. We all want to give our kids the best education possible but quality schooling isn't cheap.

By laying some important foundations today, you can broaden the options you give to your children. It could be the best investment you ever make.

2. Strengthen your portfolio

Now can be the time to ramp things up a little and explore an exciting range of investment options. As your long term goals become clearer, we can help you select a diverse range of quality assets to help you achieve your personal 'bucket list'.

3. Protect what matters

A home, a car or two, maybe a boat. You probably have these insured but what about the things that matter most – your health, your ability to earn an income and the welfare of your family? Personal insurance is designed to give you, and those who depend on you, protection from the unexpected.

You can't risk losing it all, and we‘ll work with you to protect what's important in your life.

4. Grow your super

Life's pretty busy with a growing family, work, home and friends. There's never enough hours in the day. But the time will come when you can sit back and relax in retirement. Before then, there's plenty to be done growing your super so you can enjoy the kind of lifestyle you want in retirement.

A few clever strategies could see you boost your nest egg without too much impact on today's spending. Get started today!

1. Bye bye home loan!

Bet you never thought you'd see the day when you become mortgage free. If you're not already there, we can help you fast-track your way to mortgage freedom. And with the loan paid off, we can work with you to embrace smart ways to use your new surplus cash.

2. On track to leave full time employment for retirement

With retirement not so far away, now's the time to explore how you'd like to make the transition into the next stage of your life. We can explore options to dip into your super, giving you the opportunity to gradually wind down from the workforce.

We'll also let you know how you're tracking with your retirement savings – it's never too late to grow your nest egg.

3. An unexpected windfall

Whether it's an inheritance, an insurance payout or a redundancy payment there are compelling reasons to seek quality advice on the best way to use your lump sum.

You'll only get one shot at the way you put the money to work, and with potential tax issues to consider it's vital to make the most of a windfall that can provide security for many years to come.

4. Separation and divorce

A new life, new challenges...and there are plenty of issues to consider when a long term relationship comes to an end.

The way you package and use your property settlement can pave the way for a financially secure future, and at a time when emotions may be running high it makes sense to start your journey supported by quality advice.

1. Hanging up your work boots

It's been a long time coming but at last you're free to kick back and enjoy the rewards you've worked hard to earn. The way you structure your nest egg now will go a long way to shaping your future – and you may have just one chance to get it right.

We'll work with you to structure your retirement wealth so that all you have to do is make the most of your freedom. Enjoy!

2. Managing tax

When you're in retirement, managing tax becomes an essential part of your financial strategy. The way you invest and the way you access your savings can make a big difference to the impact of tax. We'll show you how to structure your wealth to make the most of your money.

3. Living it up, making it last

The good news is that your retirement could span ten, twenty, even thirty years. But could you outlive your money? It's a risk you can – and should – manage carefully.

We can guide you through the investment process so that you have the exposure to capital growth you need to help your money last the distance.

4. A complete estate plan

You've worked hard throughout your adult life, now protect what you have achieved. A holistic estate plan includes having a valid, professionally drafted will.

But it goes a lot further. From appointing power of attorney to ensure your money continues to work for you in the years ahead, through to establishing funds to secure your grandkids' future, we can ensure you leave a powerful legacy.

1. Time to take stock

You're well settled into retirement, enjoying a wonderful blend of hobbies, travel and some great times with your family. Protecting your wealth is vital at this stage and it's timely to take stock of your portfolio to plan for the years ahead. You may find you need less income, or have a changed view about investment risk.

We'll partner with you to fine tune your investments so that your assets continue to fund a rewarding retirement.

2. Preparing for aged care

The time can come when you want more company, a sense of community and the reassurance that assistance is available for you around the clock. Too often the decision to move to aged care is rushed – leaving fewer choices.

Take advantage of our experience in this area to give yourself the luxury of choice and the excitement of a fresh beginning.

3. Providing for your family

One of the joys of our senior years is watching our kids grow into adults, and sharing the wonder all over again as grandparents.

Chances are you'd like to give your grandkids a head start in life, and we can offer a variety of options to help you help the ones you love without compromising access to social security entitlements.

4. Leave a loving legacy

If community is important to you, or you have a particular philanthropic aim you'd like to achieve, talk to us about achieving your giving goals in the most effective way.

There are many different options for charitable giving, and sharing your wealth this way allows you to create a better world. It's a marvellous legacy to leave.